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Tax Preparation versus Tax Strategy

Tax Strategy



When it comes to tax preparation most people look at it like penalty strokes just for being better than scratch.  And they are right considering the time it takes to prepare a tax return, the end result of paying taxes, and that nagging feeling that something could have been done better.  Almost always – it can be done better.  Just like golf…. you need to get on in regulation, avoid the hazards, and read the green.



“Tax Preparation”

Tax preparation at the most simplified level is entering data into tax forms. Some preparers (“return mills”) do this without really knowing you or applying the tax codes that benefit you.  The end result of this “most simplified tax preparation method” is that it was prepared at the lowest cost (hopefully) and, (unfortunately) results in the highest possible tax.


“Tax Strategy”

Tax strategy is understanding the individual situation and properly using the current tax codes that are written to encourage economic development. For example, if you own real estate should it be held in a separate entity?  What if you own real estate and are married but want to file separate? What about putting a solar unit on top of your commercial building?

Our team has decades of experience peering into the inner workings of successful businesses and personal financials.  This has given us insights how to customize strategies for you.


We Prepare “Personal Tax Returns” and “Business Tax Returns”

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