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Strategic ServicesStrategic services are for entrepreneurs who want to attain their vision, clear up past issues and coordinate business aspects such as bookkeeping, marketing, human resources, technology, etc


Here is a short youtube video on 3 “Hidden” ways to improve your business in a strategic way.

Step 1 - Marketing

First, let’s look at the business vision and get clear on the sales goals.

Step 2 - Production

Now let’s look at processing capacity to support the sales goal.

Step 3 - Money Matters

It’s now time to look at the financial aspects including a good tax strategy.

Step 4 - Coordination

Documentation helps with coordination. Our proprietary process for “Business” minutes (formerly Corporate Minutes) is key here.

Step 5 - Keep Your IP

The branding, naming, documentation, etc created “Intellectual Property”. Be wise and protect it.

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