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Bookkeeping, Record Keeping and Dashboarding

Bookkeeping is an important service that, when done properly, can help build your business and bullet-proof audit concerns. It is repetitive process of categorizing transactions and it should have the support documentation built into it at the posting level. BUT IT CAN EAT YOUR TIME and if done wrong it can be a complete nightmare costing you thousands of dollars and perhaps millions in lost opportunities. Thankfully, this process is becoming more automated.

Consider this example of bookkeeping when it is an automated process…


Let’s say you are out on a business luncheon, you get the receipt and want to keep track of the expense properly but not the hassle of keeping the receipt, scanning it, posting it, etc. Then just use our app and your smartphone to take a pic of the receipt. It will appear in the document management system and soon it will be attached to the appropriate transaction in the accounting software.



Wise business people know they need proper bookkeeping and they also know that the data should mean something that helps them attain their vision of success. An extended aspect of bookkeeping is “record keeping” but what we are really after is a concise, easy to understand dashboard.


Record Keeping extends from bookkeeping to help ensure the data is reliable and relevant. It includes more complicated tasks such as reconciling accounts, monthly sales tax reporting, and documentation that relates to the coordination of tax experts, lawyers, and other professionals that make up your firm’s “team of experts”.

Dashboarding helps business owners understand how their firm is doing in a simple format. Rather than a long boring financial statement. The dashboard shows Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that tell an owner where to focus.



Dashboard the Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

With the firm\\\’s expert team coordinated the bookkeeping, reconciliation, tax matters, corporate minutes, marketing, production, technology, etc are a system. That system can be managed by exception with Key Performance Indicators (KPI). When the KPI is in an optimal format we call it a “Dashboard”. Using the dashboard a business owner can focus on how to make adjustments and seize the opportunities around them.





Examples of Bookkeeping and Tax Services

We pretty much take care of any bookkeeping or tax needs you might have.

Posting expenses for items already paid.

Accounts payable (A/P) entries for bills that need to be paid.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Sales tax reporting (including liquor tax reporting).

Local tax reporting (such as gross receipts tax, tangible property tax).

Tax preparation for federal and state.

Manage recurring transactions such as franchise and royalty fees.

State annual reports.


Reconciling accounts.

Setup for QBO connection to bank accounts, PayPal, Square, Credit Cards, etc.

Setup assistance for Merchant Accounts, PayPal, IPN, etc.

Invoicing – we do this but it can really dig into the time so we usually train the client or post monthly entries from your Point of Sale system.

Payroll – Unbelievably easy payroll!

Most Business Clients Also Engage Us for “Strategic Services”

Strategic services help entrepreneurs focus on their vision and implement those goals. These services integrate marketing, bookkeeping, human resources, technology and more. 

Intellectual Property (IP) Development. Such as “Trademarking” – identification and “walk-through” assistance, “Policies” – from social media to technology continuity plans and “Human Resource Manuals” – we found the best source for each state.

Strategically utilizing Intellectual Property with tax and estate planning.

Corporate Minutes – based on the tax return and marketing plan.

Strategic Tax Planning – integrating growth plans and operations.

Process Streamlining – integrating with technology and operations.

Marketing Calendar Planning – implemented to help realize your vision!

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