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About Us


At “ACCT” (pronounced “act”) we feel that most business owners want to LOVE THEIR BUSINESS.

However, the they soon realize that they are getting owned by busyness with a back-office beatdown. The “form-u-lot” thugs (IRS, bank loan apps, state government reporting, insurance audits, etc) are so tiring. It is no wonder that “bookkeeping” ranks #1 for the most hated aspect of running a business.

Then it gets worse – yeah… worse. It is like death by a thousand paper-cuts. What if you post something wrong and end up in front of the IRS? On the other side – what if you just want to do better but cannot find anyone with the expertise to offer strategic advise?

We are tax professionals including Enrolled Agents (EA), CPAs, experienced bookkeepers and business consultants.  Whether you are a wage earner who just wants to file a tax return or the owner of several businesses our team can help you. We have helped clients who just need a fair price on regular tax preparation, clients who have a tax crisis and clients with significant estates that want to help the economy while protecting themselves.

We strive for interaction with affiliates to help clients GROW in a sustainable manner. Whether it is online marketing, technology, franchising, or risk management via your own captive insurance company – we speak the language and coordinate with a team that works for you.

Doug HathawayI am Doug Hathaway and I coordinate the professionals who work with ACCT so that you receive the highest level of service. I have more than 10 years of experience specifically in tax and more than 20 years in business consulting. Our team members deeply care about our clients and their success. In turn, our clients have been extremely loyal to us and we appreciate their business and their friendship.

I look forward to hearing from you.