ACCT is Pronounced Like "act".

Simplify your business.

Help more customers.


ACCT will help you with a full range of back-office solutions including Accounting, Consulting & Cloud Technologies (ACCT) so you can focus on your business.

ACCT to Save Time & Money.

Has your business outgrown your backoffice?

You have likely realized that it is time to update your backoffice, methods and technology but are concerned about the cost.

Outsourcing the backoffice to ACCT can save you time and money.

How can we save you time and money?

  • We utilize cloud technologies and extremely well-streamlined processes.
  • Engagement level - we can do the entries or show you how.
  • Discounted (wholesale) rates from technology vendors.

ACCT for Accounting and Technology Services.


  • Receipts are posted at the transaction level in QuickBooks Online - this means your books are AUDIT PROOF.
  • Receipts are also held in a separate data vault sorted by the vendor.


  • Streamlined, SUPER EASY payroll processing
  • Quarterly and annual forms are included in the price
  • New Hire Packets prefilled with your business information
  • Tax accuracy guarantee by Intuit


  • Timely filed sales tax returns
  • Many states are requiring this form to be electronically filed via approved software or online through their website.


  • No worries - we got this!


  • Recurring bills like rent and utilities can be pre-authorized. They will queue in the report and process timely.
  • Vendor bills to be paid by check can also be pre-authorized for immediate payment, pay when due, or even held per your request.
  • Using the custom email “” for vendors streamlines the flow as vendors email invoices and receipts directly to us.


  • We realize things slip up sometimes and a bill does not get to us in time to meet the next bill cycle or the vendor demands a check now. We understand and will work with you.
  • We assign two team members to each account.
  • We strive to be highly responsive to your needs.


  • Financial statements are emailed to you monthly. They show each:
    • Category
    • Ratio to sales
    • Prior year comparison.
  • The financial statements are produced for internal use.


  • Importing bank and vendor data saves time and money.
  • Most clients set up an additional user so our systems can access bank and vendor information directly.


  • Recurring bills like rent and utilities can be pre-authorized. They will queue in the report and process timely.
  • Vendor bills to be paid by check can also be pre-authorized for immediate payment, pay when due, or even held per your request.
  • Using the custom email “” for vendors streamlines the flow as vendors email invoices and receipts directly to us.


  • You, your family, and your business interests are all looked at as a whole so we can create strategies that improve your quality of life and reduce tax burdens.


  • Accounting software
  • Voice over IP phone services
  • Data repository
  • Backup systems
  • General technology consulting
  • Custom programming
  • GSuite Administration
    • Gmail with your domain
    • Web conferencing via Google Meet
    • Drive storage
      • Docs
      • Sheets
      • Slides
      • Much more

The bottom line is we can usually do almost anything accounting related and we have integrated experts for most cloud technologies.

ACCT to Simplify Bookkeeping.


When it comes to bookkeeping make it easy on yourself - just give us the paperwork and we will handle it timely and accurately. You can focus on GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

This is how it works:

When you get an invoice, receipt, or something that looks like a bookkeeping item just make a note on the document so we know how to process it:

  • P   --- means paid and then the check number (e.g.  P-2563)
  • @  --- means you approve to pay when due
  • cash  --- paid with cash
  • cc  --- (or circle the credit number) if you paid for it using a credit card
  • ?  --- for something you want us to help figure out

Scan using your cell phone and our recommended app

Email to:

BAM!  It’s done.

Well, your part anyway. We will take the receipt or bill to pay and put it into Quickbooks Online Plus at the transaction level. This makes your bookkeeping bulletproof when it comes to auditing.


If you have been looking around for accounting services you may have noticed "fixed fee" or "value pricing".  We find that those deals are a better "value" for the accountant than for their clients.

We charge fairly, hourly, and utilize "soft caps". The soft cap gives you an idea of the monthly fee but allows for exceptions. This way you can control costs and be able to get the services you need when you need them.


We regularly review our fees and transaction fees processing against (a big dog in bookkeeping but offers no upper level consulting, tax, strategy, or even payroll integration). We find that we are so efficient that we process at a lower cost when converting our hourly cost to the number of transactions per their packages. Also, if you consider their rates are based on the maximum number of transactions and not the average number of transactions then our prices are significantly lower.


You can engage us at any level. Most clients just leave it all to us but some clients prefer to do their own bill paying and it does save them some money.


First, the reimbursements for QuickBooks Online Plus, HubDoc, Email Schema, & Intuit Full Service Payroll costs us at wholesale around $110/month. This price includes all:

  • Quarterly payroll forms (941, SUTA, etc)
  • Annual payroll forms (w-2, w-3, 940, etc)

This is about half what you would pay if you went directly to the vendor.

Second, services for assisting with payroll, reconciling accounts, sales tax reporting, and expense tracking. Often it takes around 5 hours per month if the client has a separate system for point of sale and inventory and if they do their own accounts payable.

At 5 hours per month and including the reimbursements a good estimate is:

  • $360/month

Most firms are more complicated, need more services, or just have higher volumes of transactions. Their soft caps range from:

  • $1,000 - $1,500/month

That is a great value because they are getting full back-office services from bookkeeping to "CFO-like" consulting and all the technology we mentioned at a fraction of the price for a part-time bookkeeper.


You can set the soft cap per your needs.

Let's say you implement a soft cap of $360/month. We will help you stay under that soft cap and let you know when it looks like more time is needed. You can either authorize us to do the additional work or do it yourself.

This allows you to grow and adjust costs as you really need them.

ACCT Fees Breakdown


$50/hour for Bookkeeping Services

$150/hour for Tax Preparation with Strategy

$250/hour for Representation (Govt, Vendors)


$50/month for ACCT Tech which is QBO Plus, HubDoc, Email Schema

$60/month plus $4/employee/month (plus tax) for Payroll

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Hello! My name is Doug Hathaway and I am an initiator for progress.  I have assembled a dedicated professional team to ensure that the service you receive exceeds your expectations. With more than 10 years of experience specifically in tax and more than 20 years of experience in accounting and business consulting, I am always looking for ways to combine my experience with new technologies to develop and execute a relevant approach effectively. I confess to being a techie and love finding new and innovative apps and platforms to bounce off my colleagues and introduce to my clients.

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